flika (2017)

Flika was created in the Parker Lab in order to detect and measure Ca2+ puffs caused by IP3 channel openings. It is growing into a general analysis tool for biological movies. For instance, it can track rodents.

Scitru (2017)

Scitru is an answer to the problem of false information and recent erosion of trust in society and online. It is an online network of trust. I have written about the importance of trust and how systems like Scitru can ameliorate the lack of trust.

glams (2015)

Glams is a web based tool to help researchers keep track of their colony and the experiments performed on individual animals. The program stores all the information in a MySQL database. It contains a web server which, when launched, allows users to retrieve and update information on the database.

pynsight (2017)

Pynsight is a flika plugin for particle tracking. It detects particles, tracks them over time, and analyzes their motion in many ways, including the construction of mean squared displacement (MSD) and single lag displacement (SLD) graphs.